In 2011, I pledged to wear only second-hand clothes for a year – well, buying them. From charity shops, vintage markets and eBay. I was spending less on clothes, making less impulse purchases, wearing more unusual things, accessorising better, giving more money to charity and generally not giving money to sweatshop factories via the high street.

I did this throughout 2011 to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research and raised £4000 (and counting).

Why, you ask? My Dad and his, both had cancer. Dad began his eternal sleep on 7th January 2011, 7 days into me starting this project.

I originally began Preloved Reloved as a focus for my family, to fundraise and help keep us strong in the dark times. Now I continue to fundraise in Dad’s memory, to raise awareness of cancer and other conditions, to promote the plight of selfless fundraisers and brave individuals who overcome the near-impossible. Not only is this about sickness, but also about promoting ethical fashion. It’s about learning to save money, changing my shopping habits, meeting new people and most of all having fun on this journey.